Who is Shrek? He’ s a green ogre, orphaned from an early age, who lives alone in a swamp working as a farmer. In the original version he speaks with a Scottish accent. He lives alone because of his bad appearance as a monstrous and terrifying creature. However he is actually absolutely calm and peaceful and would never dare to harm anyone.

But one day he meets the talking donkey Donkey, who manages to look beyond appearances, making us discover Shrek’s sensitivity and intelligence. In the first movie, Shrek and Donkey free Princess Fiona from the dragon (actually a dragon woman). The initial pacts consisted in bringing the girl to Lord Farquaad, who wants to marry her, but love blossoms between ogre and princess. In Shrek 3-D Lord Farquaad, in the form of a ghost, attempts to get his revenge, failing. Shrek 2 chronicles Shrek’s encounter with Fiona’s parents, the rulers of the kingdom of Far Far Away. In Shrek the third king Harold dies and Shrek is preparing to become his successor, except that he categorically refuses. Discovering that another pretender to the throne is Arthur of Pendragon, he decides to go looking for him to be able to return calmly to his swamp, shunning any noble ambitions. In Shrek home for the holidays Shrek is measured with Christmas and with his now bulky extended family, with the baptism of children. In Shrek and They Lived Happily, the fourth and final installment, Shrek is nostalgic for his former bachelor ogre tranquility. Circuit from the dwarf Rumple, he falls into a parallel reality, where the characters do not know the protagonist. A renewed “true love kiss” with Fiona from this fictional universe will dissolve the spell. Thus Shrek understands that his family can also be a source of happiness.

After these series Shrek and the other characters quickly became a great global phenomenon. After the release of the film in 2001and it premiered at the Cannes film festival.

I like him because , despite his appearance, he’s so peaceful!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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