SERIE A 2021/2022

Serie A 2021-22 went on file with the victory of Milan, of two glues against Inter: a success that came at the end of a very exciting head-to-head, which rewarded the Rossoneri despite the Nerazzurri not having forsaken. On the evaluation of the end of the season, of course, a few slips too much by the troops of Simone Inzaghi and his companions weigh heavily. What ratings do we give to all the teams in the league? Here they are below.


Outside Europe for the first time in the Gasperini management. An eighth place difficult to predict before the start of the championship, considering how the Dea had finished the previous season and considering summer reinforcements of the caliber of Musso, Demiral, Zappacosta and Koopmeiners. Instead, Atalanta slowly faded away in the second round, slowing down its pace and reversing its course compared to recent tournaments. We’ll see if there will be revolutions in the summer, but certainly the Serie A 21/22 of the Goddess as a whole is insufficient.


Via Semplici, via Mazzarri and probably now via Agostini as well. Cagliari relegates to Serie B in a totally unexpected way and greets the top flight with a squad on the card from the middle of the table. The 0-0 final in Venice is the perfect photo of the disastrous Rossoblu season. The Sardinians found themselves faced with a fluctuating championship, characterized by few highs and too many lows and were unable to avoid the worst also due to the extraordinary comeback of Salernitana. Many will say goodbye to the rossoblu club in the next few weeks, but the recovery may not be as easy as it seems at the moment.


22 points more than last season. A 2-0 final over Juventus which serves to secure seventh place and to qualify the Viola team to the 22/23 Conference League. Vincenzo Italiano’s work has been excellent and his first year in Florence deserves a high grade. A well-blended team, playing brilliant football and not even affected by the farewell of top scorer Vlahovic in January. Fiorentina have laid the foundations for the future and have every right to dream of a return to even higher levels.


Disastrous championship. Relegated with two rounds to spare, after four changes on the bench and some hardly justifiable defeats. In the farewell season of the old president Preziosi and the change of ownership, Genoa ends up in Serie B, without even having many extenuating circumstances. The picturesque shots of January and the arrival of the however interesting Blessin did not help to avoid the nightmare. After 15 years, the Grifone will return to the cadeterie: such a warm and passionate audience would have deserved much more.


The evaluation of the Nerazzurri season is obviously conditioned by the two trophies won (Supercoppa and Coppa Italia), by the good work of Inzaghi and by the Scudetto fight lost only at the last breath. The farewells of Conte, Lukaku, Hakimi and Eriksen seemed to have been metabolized in the right way, but Inter in the second round at one point literally gave up, allowed Milan to re-enter the competition and then committed suicide in the recovery. from Bologna. There remains regret for the great missed opportunity, for having missed the second star by a whisker and for the general feeling of strength expressed by the entire Nerazzurri group. The foundations to work on to return to winning are good, it will be up to Inzaghi to rekindle the flame in the eyes of his players and convert this disappointment in the right way.


Very bad. Juventus have not won a single direct clash against the title contenders in this championship, they have never really been in the running to win and, after a wicked start, they managed to snatch a fairly anonymous fourth place and very far from the top three positions. . More was expected from the return of Allegri, who has also had the super shot Dusan Vlahovic available since January. There are some alibis, starting with that perhaps unexpected farewell of Ronaldo in August and continuing with many injuries, some traumatic and long-lasting like those of Chiesa and McKennie. In any case, Juventus closes without titles and with few certainties for the future: it will take time and patience to get back to the top.


Abundant enough, because the second round has been growing and because the fifth place finish does not disappoint the initial expectations too much. Sarri’s Lazio, however, has always remained very distant from the fight for the Champions League, has alternated excellent performances with ruinous falls, has suffered too much and has not completely found its identity. Now we will see what will happen on the market, because Sarri himself has often complained about the few alternatives to compete on several fronts. And should Milinkovic-Savic leave, a substitute will be necessary.


Ten full and praise to the main architect Stefano Pioli. Milan returned to winning the Scudetto after 11 long years and reached 19 Italian titles at Inter, beaten in the sprint. A true masterpiece the Rossoneri, a well-deserved victory, built over time, thanks also to young people of absolute value such as Tonali and Leao. And then a lot of France: Maignan locked the door, Hernandez dominated on the left, Giroud scored heavy and decisive goals. Inter Milan were probably superior on paper, but Milan overcame every obstacle with heart, passion, unity of purpose and that pinch of madness that is needed for such ventures. A deserved and unforgettable success.


Third final place, but with the feeling that it could be done much better. Spalletti’s team has some regrets, for having trashed points against Fiorentina and Empoli, for having lost the Scudetto train at the best, for not being able to play his cards to the end. However, the qualification for the Champions League remains never in question and the awareness of having an excellent group of players on which to plan the future. Insigne greeted, we will see who will follow him in the summer.


Excluding the progress in the Conference League from the evaluation, it certainly cannot be said that Mourinho’s Roma played an excellent championship. Sixth in the end, behind Lazio, with only one point more than last season and some unknowns remained unresolved. The Giallorossi square is however all lined up with the leader Josè, who is already preparing for the next season. Note of merit for Tammy Abraham, who immediately adapted to Italian football and splendid finalizer of the Capitoline game.


Shocking, exceptional, dreamlike. Finding adjectives suitable for the wonderful recovery of Salernitana is not so obvious. And the absurd way in which, despite a 0-4 in the last round, she remained in Serie A. “Mister salvation” Davide Nicola confirms himself as masterful and after the sensational feat of Crotone, he puts his signature on another comeback that will be remembered over time. The Salernitana seemed doomed, but then in January the new president arrived, who gave Sabatini carte blanche, laying the foundations for this incredible sporting story. The Campania players remain in Serie A and enjoy this shimmering number of magic.


Last place, behind everyone, despite a first part of the season at the height of the category. Then Zanetti’s multi-ethnic Venezia broke up, was overwhelmed by an absurd series of negative results, and not even the arrival of Soncin served to prevent an immediate return to the cadet. The Venetians had an ambitious project, but now they are faced with a crossroads: invest again and try again the instantaneous ascent or return to the gloomy meanders of Serie B without infamy and without praise.

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