Sergio Mattarella, an example to follow

Sergio Mattarella, the president of the Italian Republic, much loved by us Italians, was re-elected after 7 years of mandate. He accepted out of a sense of duty, even if he had other plans.

He demonstrated with his example that a politician is equal to others before the law and he/she should not expect favors. He showed that holding a public office does not mean being more important, but having to take care of the citizens. On March 10, 2021, he went to get the vaccine like any other person, without notifying the press. He respected all the procedures, even if he could very well have called a nurse at the Quirinale to get vaccinated. The people waiting with him almost didn’t realize that they were in the same room as the president. “I will follow the rules that apply to everyone,” he told his collaborators, “it is not up to me to decide when to do it (get vaccinated ndr)” and so it was.

On the other hand, one should not be surprised, since Mattarella has always followed the rules, for example, spending the Easter festivities in solitude, during the first lockdown.

We can also remember the video in which Mattarella responds to the invitation to fix his hair with a sigh: «Eh Giovanni, I’m not going to the barber either …». We were in lockdown, closed in our houses, the shops were closed and so were the barbers, including for the president, even if it may sound strange to us (!) that the highest office of the state was respecting the law. 

Certainly, Mattarella is an example for all of us and for the entire political class and no one in Italy before him has been such a fatherly president.

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