Sergio Mattarella

Sergio Mattarella is the 12th President of the Italian Republic. He has been President since 3 February 2015.

He was born in Palermo on 23rd July 1941, he has 3 brothers, Pier Santi Mattarella was his brother and he was killed by the Mafia, during his office as President of Sicily.

In 1964 Sergio Mattarella obtained a summa con laude Law Degree from “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

He taught parliamentary law at the Law School of the University of Palermo until 1983.

His political experience originated in the Catholic social and reform movement. In 1983 he was elected to Parliament for the Christian Democracy Party in the western Sicily constituency and remained a member of the Chamber of Deputies until 2008.

Sergio Mattarella has had various political posts, he was Minister for Relations with Parliament, he became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

He was elected 12th President of the Republic.

This long period was very complex because of various economic crises, various politically problems and finally a pandemic.

Sergio Mattarella delivered the end-of-year message on the eve of the expiration of his seven-year term. It was one of the shortest messages delivered by Mattarella at the end of the year, with a single quote, that of the letter to his students written by Professor Pietro Carmina, victim of the Ravanusa collapse. “Dear fellow citizens, dear fellow citizens, I have always lived this traditional end-of-year appointment with a lot of involvement and also with a little emotion”. Thus, the traditional speech of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the last year-end message of his seven-year term, began. In these seven years “I have perceived next to me the widespread aspiration of Italians to be a true community, with a sense of solidarity that precedes, and supports, the multiple differences of ideas and interests” he said, “it has been seven years challenging, complex, full of emotions: the happiest moments come to mind but also the dramatic days, those in which difficulties and suffering seemed to prevail “, explained the Head of State who then continued:” On these days I have retraced in our thoughts what we have lived together in the last two years: the time of the pandemic that has upset the world and our lives. We gather once again around the families of the many victims: their mourning was, and is, the mourning of all of Italy.

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