Today my new experience of being a journalist for almost a year ends.

I enjoyed writing articles for your online journal. I dealt with all kinds of topics such as history, current events, culture, curiosity, art, technology, music, science… a long and emotional journey.

When the English teacher involved us in this project, I was happy because it allowed me to update myself and deepen many issues addressed in class.

The prizes up for grabs also stimulated me to write: both the individual prizes such as winning an English course online, and the final prize “the class flies to Malta”.

Malta is an island that has always intrigued me especially for its history and culture, a meeting of different civilizations that still live in the archaeological sites, monuments and traditional cuisine and which is to be experienced and discovered. more to go and discover it with my classmates.

It is a unique opportunity and until the end I worked with constancy and seriousness so that my dream could come true.

I love studying languages ​​and I am interested in improving English both for my personal knowledge and for my future working … who knows.

I thank the head teacher of the inclusive school in Roccalumera for joining this project, my English teacher for following us on this long journey and the editorial staff of your English news online magazine for this brilliant initiative.

While waiting for the final prizes to be awarded, I wish all participants good luck!

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