School uniforms

This year my school has a uniform. When our headmistress proposed it some people didn’t agree with it, but most of the students said yes. We were asked to design a logo that could represent the school and we were happy to think about it. Everyone drew something different and in the end the challenge was won by a child from the primary school. So in our uniform logo there is the sea, The Saracen Tower and some hills in the background. There is also a quote: “culture is freedom”.

Our uniform consists of a blue sweatshirt and a t-shirt or polo shirt of the same color. We can decide to wear jeans or leggings and the shoes we want.

So we wear the same clothes every day of the week and that’s good because we don’t waste time choosing a different look in the morning and we get ready soon. There is a sense of equality among us, we are all the same: there is no competition over who wears designer clothes and who doesn’t.

I know, in a lot of country every school has its own uniform, but in Italy the situation is different. Not every school has a uniform and the school rules about it are not so strict. If sometimes we want to wear something else we can. But when all the students wear their uniform it’s great and the school seems to be a big group of friends spending time together.

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Sara Miceli


II B – Furci Siculo


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