Along the Agrigento coast you can find the most beautiful beach in the whole Sicilian island: Scala dei Turchi. The color of the rock is pure white, due to the minerals present in the rock composition. The scenery is amazing. In this place, nature is able to create a wonderful picture without canvas, colors or brushes.

The staircase is made of a white clayey and calcareous material. For a breathless landscape, it is recommended to climb to the top of the rock where you can admire the whole coast.

Due to actions which could lead to the destruction of the huge limestone rock, it was decided to apply it for the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but still today, it is not yet considered.

The name comes from the Saracen pirates or Turks, who, through the help of the ladder-shaped rock, robbed the villages on the coast, especially Realmonte.

The most famous legend is that of Peppe and Rosalie, the daughter of a very rich man from Realmonte. They met one day, when Rosalia finished her daily walk with her housekeeper.

Since then, they fell in love with each other, but as Peppe was a poor worker, Rosalie’s father decided he was not good enough for his daughter. For a long time they met secretly, until Rosalie’s father found out them and decided to lock up his daughter in a monastery, somewhere in Palermo. When the lovers heard the news, they promised each other to stay together until death, so they decided to throw themselves into the void.

Unfortunately the lovers lost their lives and after some years two rocks appeared, one very close to the other linked by a thinner piece of rock, showing the connection between them. In some quite nights, when the waves are not very strong, people passing by “Roccia Gucciarda” could hear Rosalie’s sad voice ( still sad because of the unfulfilled love between her and Peppe), singing a love song.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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