The Italian Song Festival, or better known as Sanremo Festival, is a music festival born in 1951 from the idea of Angelo Nicola Amato and Angelo Nizza. The Ligurian festival is conducted every year by a different presenter and takes place in the early days of February.

The festival is usually held in theatres, especially at the Ariston, where the singers perform in front of the audience, and sing their new songs and covers.

Sanremo is divided  into 5 evenings, and in the last one the new songs are proposed again and then they are placed in a list. The winning song is awarded with a statue representing a lion, but there are other prizes, too, such as the Critics’ Prize.

Up to now, 72 editions of the Sanremo Festival have been held, but I would like to talk about the first edition and the most recent one which took place just a couple of weeks ago.

In the first edition, held from 29th to 31st January in the Casino of Sanremo and conducted by Nunzio Filogamo, ten songs were presented. They were sung by three competitors: Nilla Pizzi, Achille Togliani and Duo Fasano, and at the end of the competition the audience voted the five songs that could enter the final. Among these ones, the winning song was “Grazie dei fiori” by Nilla Pizzi.

From the first edition we move on to the most recent one that began on the 1st February and ended on the 5th in the Ariston Theatre. In this last edition 25 artists participated and Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani (better known as Amadeus) was the conductor.

Mahmood and Blanco won the Sanremo Award in 2022 with their song “Brividi” and they gained the victory after the final challenge with Elisa.

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