Russia-Ukraine war

 For a few days we have not heard of anything else. 

War broke out between Ukraine and Russia on February 24, 2022. It seems that the war has started because Russia wants Donbass and Crimea, parts of Ukraine, to return to being Russian territories. Putin, the head of the Russian government, would like to control the economy, their production and also prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. 

In less than a week of war, several districts of Kiev were hit, even the hospital and missiles still continue to be fired, Russian paratroopers arrived in Kharkiv destroying the government building, the city of Kherson is also under control Group bombs continue to fall in Moscow and everywhere, deadly weapons with catastrophic effects. Many people have died and among them there are also children and many are trying to leave Ukraine.

On Monday there was also an attempt at negotiation but it failed and another meeting will take place today in Belarus to try to persuade Russia to lay down its arms and avert the risk of a new World War. Listening to this news, it seems, in fact, to have gone back almost a century, to the period of the World Wars, when people fought for freedom, a precious asset for men and women all over the world. 

There is no valid reason for waging a war like this, there is instead the need for any dispute to be resolved by peaceful means such as dialogue and understanding.

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Carmine Maccarrone