Remi: the story that has enchanted many young people

                                               “you just have to learn to sing with the heart”

                                                                                          Mr. Vitalis to Remi  

Remi is a 2018 film produced in France by director Antoine Blossier. If you like dramatic but humorous films, this film is for you.

The plot revolves around the adventures of Remi, a little boy who discovers that his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barberin, are actually the ones who found him abandoned and cared for. His adoptive father, Jerome, would like to entrust him to the care of an orphanage, but his wife is against this. So Jerome decided to smuggle Remi to the orphanage, but the boy embarked on an adventurous escape, which took him to a bar where he was stopped by Mr. Vitalis, an elderly acrobat wandering around with his dog Capi and his little monkey Joli Coeur. Vitalis  decided to take Remi into custody and have him exhibited on the streets of France. The boy will thus learn his  vocation, singing, and will go in search of his true family.The film is the film adaptation of the novel Without Family by Hector Malot.

This film reveals that each of us has a vocation, something in which we are very good and in which we identify, and that we must not keep this talent hidden, fearing that others will judge us, but continue to feed it.

I would like to conclude with a sentence by the American writer Mark Twain:

“The secret of success is to make your vocation your holiday”

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