Reading of the month: “The lights of September”

Hello everyone, I’m Sofia and today I want to review a book I read two months ago.

The book I’m talking about is ‘The lights of September’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a novel published by ‘Mondadori’ in 2011 in Italy.

It tells of a woman named Simone who has become a widow and for this reason, is forced to run away from Paris together with her two sons Irene and Dorian because of the debts accumulated by her husband that made them survive in serious economic conditions.

So they moved to Baia Azzurra where she found work as a housekeeper in Cravenmoore, in the house of Lazarus Jann, a toymaker. It seems that everything is going well when Hannah, the maid, is found dead in the woods surrounding Cravenmoore. This leads Ismael, Hannah’s cousin, and Irene to investigate, even putting themselves in danger, but discovering secrets that no one knew before.

The main characters are the family Sauvelle and Ismael; the place where the events take place is Baia Azzurra in Normandy, around 1937.

The story begins when Simone, tormented by her creditors, decides to leave Paris with her two children and arrives in Baia Azzurra where she starts working at the home of  the toy manufacturer, Lazarus Jann. 

Irene and Ismael discover a terrible secret about Cravenmoore.

In my opinion, the most obvious purpose of the book is to make it clear that many times the appearance deceives, because the owner of Cravenmoore treats with care both Simone and the children showing them the mechanical characters he creates, to turn out to be someone else.

The language used is very simple and rich in descriptions of the characters and places.

My favorite character is Simone because despite having many problems she managed to go on accepting the job as a governess in order to raise her children. One episode that particularly struck me was when Hannah, Ismael’s cousin, was chased into the woods by the monster. It was one of the most suspenseful moments.

The main theme addressed in the book is that not everything is always as it seems.

I really liked the book, I recommend it to all age groups because the story is very engaging.

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