Queen is a British rock band who formed in London in 1970, consisting of a singer and a pianist Freddie Mercury, a guitarist Brian May, a drummer Roger Taylor and a bassist John Deacon.

The band is a legend! “Queen is a short name, simple and easy to remember and then expresses what we want to be, majestic and regal” – in this way, Freddie Mercury explained the meaning of the band name he created himself- “Glam is part of us and we want to be dandy “. 

Even the Queen logo, the iconic “Queen Crest” is Freddie Mercury’s invention: he wanted to express the values ​​of elegance, patriotism and royalty.

Queen band achieved its greatest success thanks to songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We are the champions”, “We will rock you”, “The show must go on”.

Singer Freddy Mercury had a natural talent at engaging the audience during his gigs and his particular style was both shocking and eye-catching. 

Unfortunately, Freddy’s life ended tragically because he fell ill with ADS and died on November 23, 1991. A few months after the death of Freddie Mercury, a mega celebratory concert was held at Wembley. 

In memory of Freddie Mercury, the remaining members of the band released several collections of the greatest hits, but nothing was the same any longer. Nobody could replace him and his incredible voice.  

After lots of efforts, the members found in Adam Lambert a new front man. June the 30th 2012 was a very important date for both Queen and Adam Lambert. They gave life to their first ever complete show and the musical collaboration continues to this day. “Adam is now one of us, part of our family,” said the famous guitarist. 

The thing that the group and the fan really appreciated about Lambert is that he never tried to imitate Freddie Mercury. This is precisely one of the reasons why fans got attached to him, without forgetting Freddie’s personality and inimitable, irreplaceable talent. 

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