Proud to be Italian!

Important achievements are so difficult to get because we have to face the best competitors in sports, literature, cinema, music, theatre, research and medicine.

When we are young our goals are: having good grades at school, being a member of a football club, winning a medal in a match, in a race… But when we grow up our goals become more important and more difficult to achieve. This means you have to study and train hard and you got to really want it.

2021 has been an amazing year for Italy.

How to forget the fantastic Eurovision’s victory of the Maneskin, the Italian rock band that started their career performing in the street and that became famous in 2017 thanks to the talent show “X Factor.” And what about the victory of Laura Pausini at the Golden Globe for the song “Io sì”, soundtrack of the film “The Life Ahead” on Netflix?

On October 5th, Italy was given a very important reward: a Nobel Prize in Physics. Giorgio Parisi received the Nobel for his extraordinary work: the discovery of the interplay of disorder and fluctuation in physical systems from atomic to planetary scales. :-0

But above all we have won in sports. Last summer, we supported our athletes in many worldwide competitions, such as the Olympic Games in Japan, the European football, basketball and volleyball tournaments. Italy was really great and this was a big surprise because Italy has never been considered as having very good athletes except in football.

Here are Italian victories in sports in 2021:

Tennis: Matteo Berrettini won the final vs Camerun Norrie – Pre Olympic in Belgrade: Italy vs Serbia and Italy won

Olympic Games in Japan: Italy won 40 medals. Italian athletes competed wonderfully in many sports.

Gianmarco Tamberi won a gold medal in high jump

Marcel Jacobs won the 100 metres race and the 400 metres relay with Filippo Tortu, Fausto Desalu and Lorenzo Patta. Now he is the fastest man in Europe.

Another fantastic victory was the European Championship: on July 11th, Italy played against England in the final match and won thanks to Gianluigi Donnarumma that stopped a penalty.

The Football World Cup will be played in 2022 and Italy has always been among the best teams. Our dream is to become the champion of the world or at least to play the final match.

We like sport: we play football and do athletics and we are really proud to be Italian!

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