I love animals, especially dogs. People say that dogs are true friends because they are faithful to their master and I agree.

Though I like all dogs, I prefer small dogs to bigger ones, because they are nicer and it is easier to keep them in a house or in a flat.

To keep a dog in a house you need to be very patient, because a dog can change your life. They often nibble your forniture and they pee on the floor, so you have to clean no-stop.

Having a dog was my strongest desire when I was a child, but my parents didn’t want a pet at home because my house hasn’t got a garden but only a balcony.

I always cried because I felt alone as I didn’t have a lot of friends, so my dream was to have a puppy to keep my company.

One day, when I came back home after a walk, I had a beautiful surprise. I looked up and I saw a small dog that was barking on my balcony , so I felt that my dreams came true. That day was my birthday. I went straight to the balcony and I hugged my puppy. I was very happy.

I called my pet dog Leo. Leo and I are always together. Leo is my friend. We grew up together. I’m very happy because Leo is always by my side.

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Elisa Talpau


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