Parks in London

Parks are a very important part of any big city, they are green open space where people can walk, play games or do sport.

The parks and gardens of London are famous all over the world. The most beautiful parks in London are the Royal Parks. They are five and they are property of the Crown.

HYDE PARK  is the largest park in London. In the afternoons and evening, and especially on Saturdays and Sundays, you can see eccentric characters who give speeches on various topics, both religious and political. This is the “Speakers’ Corner ” where anyone can stand on a box and express his opinion to the crowd.

REGENT’S PARK  contains the London zoo with a lot of animals and an artificial lake which is a bird paradise. 

In the open-air theatre you can see performances, mostly of Shakespeare’s plays. 

KENSINGTON GARDEN is the richest park in vegetation. It is the children’s favorite park because they can play with model boats on the artificial lake, called Round Pond. 

Other attractions are the famous statue of Peter Pan, and the Serpentine Gallery where young artist exhibit their works. 

ST. JAMES’S PARK  is the oldest of London’s parks, with nice views of Buckingham palace. In the park there is St. James’s palace where Henry VIII and many of his successors lived. In the middle of the park there’s a lake with ducks, pelicans and others birds. 

GREEN PARK is full of trees and has gentle slopes. It’s a place for sitting out on a spring or summer afternoon and watching people coming and going. 

But there are many other wonderful parks in London…

HOLLAND PARK is as a path for discovering different hidden corners. The most beautiful places are the two Japanese gardens: the Kyoto Gardens and the Fukushima Memorial Garden.

In BATTERSEA PARK you can find the beautiful Peace Pagoda, with four huge golden Buddhas on the sides. 

There is, also, the Children’s Zoo, with many species of pets.

In GREENWICH PARK there is the Royal Observatory at the top of the hill, where you can walk on the famous Meridian 0. The view from the observatory over the City of London is spectacular.

In HAMPSTEAD HEATH there are various lakes, a very large forest and even a village.

RICHMOND PARK is the largest park in London. It is actually a nature reserve, where we can see numerous species of deer. To visit the park, given its size, it is better to go by bicycle.

Inside, Richmond Park is home to several woods and plantations.

Near to Richmond Park there are the Kew Gardens, the largest botanical gardens in the world, a Unesco World Heritage.

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