Some people like doing sports outside more than doing sports inside: but which one is better?
Most people think that doing sports outside could be more enjoyable but on the other hand if you want to exercise outside you have to be mindful since stormy weather isn’t really conducive to sport. Also, indoor exercise might be more expensive since you need to buy fitness equipment that you wouldn’t need if you went outside because exercise parks, sports tracks, stairs and other exercise locations outdoors are usually open to all and free. Studies have also shown that sports in the open air lowers your blood pressure and heart rate and that it is less stressful than doing sports inside which means that it is overall healthier.
We can say outdoor sports are generally better than sports inside because of all their benefits but we should all agree that the most important thing is doing sports no matter what since it is good for both your physical and mental health. The outdoors brings with it several advantages: you can have oxygen in large quantities, the beneficial effects of the sun, the landscape and train avoiding the pitfalls of closed places (contamination by viruses, bacteria). In the summer, it is a must. But wind or rain can expose you to allergies and seasonal ailments. This is why, especially at a certain age, sport in the gym or even at home is preferable, and in some cases necessary. A simple exercise bike allows even frail and elderly subjects to do a decent aerobic activity in complete safety.

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