Our Sicilian President, Sergio Mattarella

The current President of the Italian Republic is Sergio Mattarella. He is a politician, jurist, academic and a lawyer of Sicilian orogins, the 12th president of the Italian republic since February the 3rd 2015. On January the 31st he was elected president of the Republic in the fourth ballot with 665 votes. The following February 3rd he became the first Sicilian president of the Republic, after Giorgio Napolitano, to be confirmed for the second time, in addition to the second most voted President after Sandro Pertini. He supported a life senator,  Liliana Segre, on January 19th  2018 , and two judges of the Constitutional court, Francesco Vigano, on February 24th 2028, and Emanula Navarretta in September 2020. He also supported the signing of the Quirinale treaty, together with the President of the French republic, Emmaule Mmacron , and the Draghi government, on Franco- Italian cooperation, on issues of common security  and defence policy and economic partnership on free trade.

 I like one of his sentences about students: “studying together made me understand that we grow up;  if we grow up together we realize … that we are truly free, free from ignorance , free from violence, free from need.”

Congratulations, President Mattarella!

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Giorgia Paglia


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