Opinion on the end of state emergency covid

Since March 2020 millions of people in the world, myself included, have had to drastically and suddenly change our habits: working or studying at home, we had to limit and justify our outings and meetings, making long queues in front of supermarkets. We had a situation of alternating closure and opening. Lockdown, colored areas, and infections that we could not control. We stayed at home and avoided contact with everyone. In some countries, including Italy, the Covid-19 epidemic caused many victims. The pandemic has caused many consequences, some inevitable, such as the economic crisis, the increase in poverty, and social inequalities. March 31, 2022, was the date set by the Government to end the emergency, thanks to the decrease in infections and vaccines made. In these two years, our life has changed. We have learned that every day is a precious gift and not to take anything for granted. We have slowed down our way of life and dedicated ourselves to the family and to ourselves. Having more free time, we made friends we hadn’t felt in years. Not being able to go to the gym many people started to train in the open air, the machine was used less with benefits for the environment. Even if the emergency is over I hope that many habits that we have had to implement do not lose them because they are a benefit for ourselves and for our planet.

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Federica Petralia


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