Last January the mechanical biological plant of the landfill of Cava dei Modicani in Ragusa was closed again, because the ARPA Sicilia (environmental protection agency) had not authorised a further operation of the plant.

So Ragusan people had to transfer their waste to landfills outside the province causing a significant additional cost, that is 300.000,00 euro per month.

This makes the population impatient because such an essential public service like waste collection should not be interrupted, otherwise there may be serious consequences for public health and the environment.

 Leaving waste in the open air causes disorder, dirt and pollution, sometimes waste is  not disposed correctly and when  it is burnt significant amounts of noxious pollutants are produced.

Already in 2008 the environmental ATO was denounced for the mismanagement of waste in the landfill of Cava dei Modicani.

 Closed already 15 years ago, because it had reached the maximum volumetric limit, several times  they had tried to delay its closure by trying to find a different solution.

Waste management has always been a sore point for Sicily, but though president, Musumeci, during his  campaign had promised to solve this unpleasant situation, he did not manage to  keep his promise.

Event his time just chats and no facts.                                                                                    



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