Digital is progressively overtaking printed paper.

Until a few years ago, most people got information by browsing papers, newspapers, while now,  especially young people prefer  reading the news from their smartphone, iPad or PC, where the news is reported in real time.

The online newspaper is more convenient, faster and cheaper. Today it is enough to have a mobile phone and an Internet connection to be informed about everything that happens in the world. Furthermore, if you want more in-depth news, like from an old-fashioned newspaper, you can subscribe to a digital newspaper in order to access additional exclusive content. In addition to these web pages, social networks are also an important channel for the daily dissemination of news.

The weight of digital is growing every year and in a few years it  will exceed that of paper. Earnings from online newspapers are growing in Italy. From the statistical data it emerges that the users connected to the internet all over the world are more than 4 billion, more than half of the world population is therefore online.

But in the end, putting aside the differences between paper and digital, what really matters is to get informed because only through information we can  truly be free.

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