In thi article I’d like to share with you my emotions and opinion about this pandemic, how I have been living the lockdown and my perspectives for the next future…

At the beginning of this period, I thought I would have spent much more time cultivating my hobbies, like studying English, piano and watching movies.

Actually, I started helping my mother as a secretary at her office. I got very stressed and tired and now I’m regretting the time when I wasn’t employed and I could sleep as much as I wanted. Despite feeling weary, I’m actually grateful for this experience and now I’m planning to be more responsible for the next future, at the very end of the quarantine.

Because of this situation, I noticed how everyone lives his/her own life without appreciating the importance of being normally free. In the period I couldn’t go out not even for a walk, I understood how we are lucky to live in our “normality”.

Freedom is very important: this is what we are learning thanks to the lockdown.

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Torrisi Sofia


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