One of us: Sergio Mattarella

Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo ( city of Sicily ) in 1941.

He comes from a family that was made up by people that distinguished themselves in the political and social world.  Indeed his father was a Christian democrat Politician. His brother was a Christian Democrat politician and he was murdered by the mafia in 1980 while he was the president of the Sicily region.

Sergio Matarella has a degree in law. 

Sergio Mattarella was elected as a deputy for Christian democracy in 1983 in 2015 Sergio Mattarella was elected president of the Italian republic.

He was Napolitano’s successor. Sergio Mattarella during his mandate lived in the Quirinal palace in Rome.

Sergio Mattarella as the president of the Italian Republic is the head of the Italian state he is the guarantor of national unity and he represents all citizens during a part of his mandate. 

Mattarella has to guarantee exceptional way the stability of the country that is characterized by difficulties due to coved 19.

He is a serious and diplomatic man. He is appreciated by Italians foreign politicians and many ordinary people. Sergio Mattarella has been the 12th president of Italian republic but he has been re-elected January 29 and he has already accepted to execute the second mandate.

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