One month after SANREMO 2022 … the most listened songs

Only one month has passed since the Sanremo 2022 Festival and it is time to take stock of the songs presented at the Ariston Theater.

The most sought musical event by Italian singers was a success beyond all expectations.

The share rewarded this 72nd edition conducted by Amadeus (from 1 to 5 February) was very popular with the public and social networks.

But, after turning off the lights of the Ariston Theater, let’s see which songs are still having success.

On Radio and Spotify the top positions of the ranking are entirely occupied by the songs of the Sanremo Festival.

The songs and artists staged at the Ariston theatre also dominate the top ten of the best-selling singles and albums.

In detail, the top 5 of the Spotify ranking is entirely occupied by the songs competing at the Festival and Mahmood & Blanco, winners of Sanremo 2022, with their song “Brividi” are absolute protagonists both in Italy and abroad.

In second place there is Irama with his “Ovunque sarai”, followed by “Ciao ciao” sung by the Rappresentante di Lista, then the song “Insuperabile” by Rkomi and finally “Farfalle” by Sangiovanni.

All the songs of the Festival entered the hearts of Italian listeners.

Even the podium of the ranking of the most played songs on Italian radios is entirely occupied by the songs competing at the Festival.

Always at the top “Brividi” by Mahmood and Blanco and second position for “Ciao ciao” by the Rappresentante di Lista, which was a real revelation.

We must also applaud Gianni Morandi and his never ending success. This incredible singer is living a golden moment by returning to the Duse Theater in Bologna and also selling out the Fabrique Theater in Milan for Tananai.

After one month from the Festival, the balance is clearly positive!

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