Notre – Dame

Notre-Dame Cathedral is the main Catholic place of worship in Paris and it is the most important example of Gothic construction and architecture in the world.

The Cathedral has a Latin cross plan with a slightly protruding transept, a deep choir ending in an apse and 5 naves.

The main nave is divided into 5 bays, each of which is covered by a cross vault with 6 sails; instead the side aisles are covered with a cross vault with 4 sails.

All the naves are divided by pillars. In the construction, flying buttresses were used to support the side walls.

The main external facade is located to the west and is characterized by 3 portals with 13th century sculptures.

Above the portals there is the Gallery of the Kings with 28 statues representing the Kings of Judea.

Going up there is the central rose window and 2 lateral mullioned windows and above another perforated gallery, the Chimere Gallery, with a whole series of sculptures in the shape of strange animals that, hidden among the towers, guard the cathedral: they are the gorgoyles, fantastic and monstrous animal figures.

The gothic style of the cathedral can be found in the details, in the decorations, in the sculptures and in the numerous stained glass windows.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, built in 1163, represented a colossal work for that time, measuring 130 m in length, 40 m in width with towers up to 69 m high, a masterpiece of Gothic art.

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