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A news agency information is an organization specializing in providing information service and various types of media: newspapers, magazines, senders, television and radio and online newspapers. Press agencies can be agencies that view their services or cooperatives set up by various media outlets for the purpose of sharing information.

Sources can be direct or indirect. Indirect are those directed by spontaneous information which are then transformed by journalists into news. The direct ones instead have interesting material, they are part of these funds in fact: the press release, the press offices, public relations, the spokesperson, the press officers … in short, all the colors that are of the trade collect news of a certain weight for then disclose in the best and most understandable way.

Legends too still print in the second half of the nineteenth century. The first were Havas, Wolff, Reuters. in 1832 Paris-Dakar translation office, there the Jew Charles-Louis Havas opened the office where he had the task of collecting all the various information of the world to translate them, so that each egg of different nationalities is interested in what could happen in the world.

Thanks to the success obtained, the press agencies of the province of Rome then opened the other places scattered throughout the planet, up to 1245. After years of struggle for free competition between the press agency and free information Ansa finally arrived (National Agency Associated Press).

Its task was and still is to spread the latest news from around the world, photos, videos and insights on: news, politics, economy, regions, world, sport, football, culture and technology. This cooperative was founded by Edgardo Longini on January 15th in Rome. today we also find it on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. In this section we find a team of online journalists, 24 hours a day, where, receiving thousands of information.

I believe that each of us can get in the game of news: you just need a little good will, concentration and commitment, perhaps researching and getting help from Google and that’s it. I’m having a try this year!

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