New normality

The end of the virus we were all waiting impatiently for was not to be afraid to turn on the television and hear today there have been 1000 thousand deaths in Italy or 200,000 infections. we were waiting for this moment also to go out with friends to go and get ice cream as we did once but especially to go and visit our grandparents and uncles without being afraid to go out to take covid and take it home.

 Another good thing is that we don’t have to wear the masks outdoors when we are far away from other people and we do not have to use gloves in certain places or disinfect – wash our hands frequently.

Finally, I conclude by saying that for me we still have to stay a bit on alert and not abuse this freedom they are giving us because abusing it starts all over again so many dead infections and few healed but above all the distance from our Family.

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Samuele Catalano


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