My thoughts on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, today, one month after the war, I would like to express my opinion on the matter in this article.

I never thought that in 2022 there is still talk of wars and even of the third world war. I think like Pope Francis that this is madness, that there are powerful men who decide and innocent civilians who die, I think that war does not bring anything good, only destruction, death, and fear, and that war has no winners; in my opinion, in order for there to be no more wars, all the countries of the world should be disarmed.

I sincerely hope that all this has an end and that everything will be resolved in a democratic way, because if this were not the case, today humanity risks its end, let’s remember that today we have nuclear weapons,

Let me ask you a question: at school, we have studied all the wars that have occurred over the centuries in school books, and have we understood what they entail, why do we fall back and make the same mistakes again?

My answer is: because of powerful people who want more and more power.

I recommend that you listen to the poem recited by Gigi Proietti of the Roman poet Trilussa “Ninna Nanna” at this link

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Martina Lisi


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