I was about seven when I discovered my passion for HISTORY. It all started at school: thanks to my teacher I started making magnificent journeys in the most remote history of our planet.

After more than five years I still remember the first brief explanations relating to the world of dinosaurs. But I didn’t stop at the life of these animals: it was as if that information wasn’t enough for me, I was thirsty for knowledge …

One day I was at home, I was seeing a film about a child who had gone back in time, precisely in 3000 BC., and he was in the period of the ancient Egyptians.

Driven by the curiosity to find out more about this ancient civilization, I did a search on the internet and opened a video entitled “The great civilizations of history: the Egyptian Empire”. From that moment on, my curiosity for ancient civilizations and history in general never stopped and so I continued to read books, watch videos and television programs.

To fuel my passion were also my teachers who with their history lessons were able to involve me even more.

I love history because it makes us understand our origins but also the origins of the things that surround us: history helps us to understand the present. Most of what we see today is related to something that happened  years ago.

However, I realize that not all young people love history as much as I do and this is a real shame: we cannot have our own identity if we do not know where we come from, who our ancestors were and what they did.

We owe everything we have to those who preceded us and who, by fighting, won for us.

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