Last summer I went to Tokyo and there I had my most exciting trip. I went to Tokyo by plane with a 33-hour time of flight altogether. My family and I arrived at night and we decided to go around the city searching for a tipical restaurant and so the first dinner was with ramen, a typical Japanese dish.

The second day we met our guide Marta that brought us to the most important monuments in Tokyo like a lot of shintoist and buddist templeS or the lotus garden, a lot of tipical restaurantS, the fish market, taking a lot of trains.

From the third day we decided to take the JR, a train that goes at a speed of 600 km/h and we went to some other cities, also in Tokyo. My favorite was Harajuku: a whole city dedicated to videogames and cartoons; when I was there I visited a lot of markets and I went to the SEGA’s building and I bought an Action Figure.

I had a lot of fun there and one day I would like to return there!



Laudani SImone


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