Emanuela:  Hi! I’m Emanuela! I’m so happy to interview you. I always watch your swimming races on TV and I am so happy for your victories! I also do competitive swimming. It’s my favorite sport. My dream is to become a champion like you. For this reason, I would like to ask you some questions.  How old were you when you started swimming for gold? 
Federica Pellegrini : my debut in international swimming  competitions was at the age  15. I started as a relay swimmer in the World Championships in Barcelona in 2003. 
Emanuela: how many hours do you train a day? 
Federica Pellegrini: I train about five hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, I include a few hours of muscle toning training in the gym and I finish my training  with a stretching session. 
Emanuela: how do you feel when you win a race? 
Federica Pellegrini:  it is difficult to describe these intense moments. They are the best moments in the life of every swimmer. These are the extraordinary sensations I feel just before the start of a swimming competition. I want to share this short poem  with you.  The title of this poem is “Sensations” …close your eyes and listen to me!

A deep breath, 
the block under your feet, 
gaze towards infinity. 
The smell of chlorine. 
The rising tension. 
Shiver on my back. 
A drop of water enters the goggles. 
The air bubbles slip away. 
The dance begins.

In this poem, you can see some of the most extraordinary emotions that every swimmer feels every day.I think that swimming is a lifestyle.
Emanuela : it is a wonderful poem! As a child, have you ever imagined to become a champion?
Federica Pellegrini : no, I haven’t. I didn’t think I could become an excellent swimmer. 
Emanuela :do you have a lucky charm? 
Federica Pellegrini: no, I don’t. I have no lucky charms. 
I understand that the moments before the competition are not easy. 
Emanuela : who was the strongest opponent you met?
Federica Pellegrini: I have met so many opponents! The strongest opponent was Katie Ledecky.” 
Emanuela :what will you do after swimming? Do you want to become  a coach? 
Federica Pellegrini :yes, I do.  I think  I will take part in the next Olympics and then… I will see.
Emanuela: what does swimming mean for you? 
Federica Pellegrini: well… it is my life. It has been for many years and I hope it will continue to be for a while.  Swimming is my passion and it is my life !
Federica : thanks Federica! You are a wonderful person and a great swimmer. I really hope I will swim with you in the future.

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