Andrea Nikolaus Lauda known as Niki Lauda is a Formula 1 racing driver, three times world champion (1975-1977 with Ferrari; 1984 with Maclaren).

He held 172 Grands Prix, winning 25 and 24 pole positions with many fast laps. He is remembered for his serious accident at Nuborgring, which left the Austrian driver disfigured. He underwent a skin transplant that consisted of placing a part of his thigh in his face.

His great rival was James Hunt, the rivalry skyrocketed when Lauda was stuck in the hospital, Hunt won many grand prix by surpassing him in the standings. Lauda said it was Hunt’s fault for the accident because he pressured him. Hunt was once Formula 1 World Champion in 1976 and winner of 10 Grands Prix. 

Lauda said when Hunt died that yes, they were rivals, but they were friends and he was the only person Lauda had ever envied. Lauda died in 2018 as president of the talented Mercedes team. Hunt died of a heart attack in London in 1993.

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