Hello everyone my name is Samuele, I am 15 years old  and I come from Syracuse. I have lived in Messina for a long time and I must say that I have integrated quite well. About two years ago while walking through the streets of a village called Curcuraci I saw a sign that said “ Dance school.” I stopped and looked at it; I was overcome with curiosity and something made me want to go there.  To tell the truth, I wasn’t very convinced about what I was going to do, nor could I imagine that from that day on my life would change.  So I started dancing but I couldn’t do it at all. Then, trying and trying again, I managed to improve day by day until the day of my first performance. It was a real and unexpected success. I still remember how much applause I received from the people in the audience. In short, it was a unique and unforgettable emotion, but unfortunately good things don’t always go in the right direction, and that’s how the teasing started, just because I was a boy and therefore I couldn’t dance. I still remember that once someone asked me what I was thinking of doing with my legs and that I wouldn’t go far because I would get tired very soon.   Well, it wasn’t funny at all but now I can say that it helped; before, the more insults and teasing I received, the more my desire to dance decreased until one day when my dance teacher saw me crying and told me not to pay much attention to what you are told but to focus on who you are and what you can become in the future; since then my love for dance grew stronger and stronger and my willingness to face any challenge became my goal. My skills are improving day by day but I am sure that “the best is yet to come”

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Schiavone Samuele