My gratitude to English News

English news is an online English newspaper written by kids.

It manages to intrigue and inform at the same time about anything, frivolous or topical, precisely because it is edited by us guys and that’s what distinguishes it from other newspapers.

Finally we teenagers have the freedom of speech and our thoughts can be written in black and white. This year the school started this project as PCTO (alternation between school and work, an opportunity that accumulates credit points). At the beginning I was not very happy with this choice, but over time I changed my mind. Once I started the project, I realized that I was very lucky in expressing what I think.

I have always been on the sidelines for my shy and introverted nature, almost as if I were on the corner of a ring.

I closed myself in my world, with my video games and watched the lives of other teenagers go by, lives they lived as protagonists, while I was always on a corner, without realizing it. English News helped me get out of that corner, it gave me the courage to expose myself and today I am happy to be part of that category of young people who do not hide anymore.

I did not believe that an assignment left by school made me become the protagonist of my life. My thoughts in the form of newspaper articles express what I think even though someone may not like them and for me it is not a problem.

I am grateful to English News, and to the idea that the school offered us, precisely because I believe it has helped me a lot in bringing out the real me. It also helped me improve in one of my favorite subjects, English.

I include this task in the activities that make us grow and above all make us understand that freedom of speech or thought is not something to be taken for granted. Each of us has a different opinion about everything, and it is nice to be able to express it. In the end the world is beautiful because it is varied, you just have to accept it.

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Giuseppe Giannetto


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo