Let’s not forget the hugs the name of the current, almost invincible enemy that has infected the entire world is Covid 19. It first began in Wuhan and then it arrived in Lombardy, a region of my country. In February, it was all in the news but at that time I underestimated the situation. I really understood that we were in a real emergency situation when in March, we were put in lockdown for three months. The first few days I felt happy since the on line classes allowed me to wake 5 minutes before the beginning. No much time passed before realizing that  online classes can’t be compared to going to school. I often find myself reflecting, observing and listening to what’s going on around me and miss the small, big, everyday things we took for granted.          

Now I know  the great mportance of meeting my schoolmates and friends. Even staying with them, being able to hug them and laugh and joke at close range few  minutes would  make me feel happy,  It’s true, this pandemic has taken a part of my adolescence and  I will never forget this period. But now, it’s time to use this crisis to change for the better. Let’s stop complaining and learn to feel like a big community, to take advantage of the opportunities of agile working and studying, to move when it is really necessary and avoid the superfluous. Let’s put aside the idea of being invincible and having everything under control. Let us continue to love each other and get excited, even  from distance, trusting that things will soon return to our former normality and WE WILL RETURN TO EMBRACE.

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Manguerra Denise




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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