When I knew for the first time about Covid-19 I never expected that this virus could have caused a lockdown in the whole Italy. At the beginning I thought that the virus in this case could disappear but this didn’t happen.

In that moment I thought that the virus would extend to all of Italy. China has overcome this virus making people stay at home for months but as Italy followed this example, the economy went down and we are having a recession.

I don’t feel scared of the virus, I simply try to avoid it with normal methods like not going out, washing my hands frequently, and so on … Thanks to the school I can spend a lot of time and thanks to my friends I can have fun so this lockdown looked like a journey for me.

Now that in Sicily there aren’t many cases of Covid and that vaccination has spread out so largely, also among teenagers like me, I think that we will have the possibility to see our friends and go to a restaurant to finally eat a good pizza (I miss them!) and this virus would be soon a memory for us.

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Nicholas Pulvirenti


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