My dream: a holiday in London

I’d like to visit London because I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. London is also a modern city with “The City” that is the heart of economy and commerce, with a lot of  skyscrapers.

In London there are lots of monuments and places to see, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, or Trafalgar Square which commemorates Admiral Nelson’s victory in the battle of Trafalgar. Nelson’s column is in the centre of the square.

I’d also like to visit the Shard, the highest skyscraper in London, the British Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

London is a very green city with lots of beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the largest one, with its artificial lake the Serpentine and the famous Speaker’s Corner. There are other famous parks: St. James’s Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, where the London Zoo is located. I would like to run or walk in these parks!

I would like to start a sightseeing tour of London by getting on one of London’s double-decker buses. It would be amazing to sit on the top deck and have a wonderful view of all the London landmarks.

The London Eye is a huge ferris wheel. It is also known as the Millennium Wheel because it was built to celebrate the year 2000. It is 135 meters high and when it was built it was the tallest ferris wheel in the world. It is the most popular tourist attraction in London. It would be really exciting to take a ride on the London Eye and be able to see a lot of London. A ride on it lasts about 30 minutes; it also doesn’t stop when you get on and off. But don’t worry, because it doesn’t go very fast!  It might not be as old or historic as other places in London, but it has already become an important attraction and I wish to go on it one day.

I think that one of the most iconic sites in the capital and an absolute must-see place to visit is the Tower of London.  There are special guards in the Tower of London: they are called “Beefeaters” and they guard the Crown Jewels, which are kept in a special tower called the Jewel Tower.

When you think about England, you probably think of the Queen and the Royal Family. Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the Queen’s London home. This huge building has 775 rooms, including 78 bathrooms. Over 50,000 people a year are invited to the palace as guests, and many more visit it as tourists. I saw that in a photo, it’s fantastic! One of the most well-known parts of the palace is the balcony, where the Royal Family appears on special occasions to wave to the crowd. I’d like to have the Queen’s autograph!

And what about the giant bell inside the clock tower, renamed “Elizabeth Tower” in 2012? The tower of Big Ben is an important London landmark. It has four clock faces and five bells. Many people are surprised to learn that Big Ben really refers to the largest bell inside the tower and not to the clock or the tower itself. Wow, I didn’t know either! No one is sure where it got its name from: it might have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the project commissioner or it might have been named after Ben Caunt, who was a famous boxer.

Will my dream of visiting London ever come true? I really hope so!

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Flavio Zavettieri



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