Music is present in everyone’s life without making differences in age or gender, it is a means of communication capable of involving the listener above all emotionally. Teenagers, for example, see music as a kind of refuge, a means to relax and a simple and pleasant way to estrange themselves from the world in the most difficult moments, in those moments when you would not want to hear anyone and just want to get away from real problems. 

Music is therefore relaxation, rest and serenity, but also noise, fun and unbridled-ness, just think of the music of discos, with such a high volume that makes your ears whistle when you exit the disco. Music has always been present in the lives of men throughout history and it has numerous different genres depending on the popular tradition, the geographical area and the era in which it is composed. 

There are more ways to relate to the musical world, there is in fact the listener, who enjoys the immediacy of music more passively, and the musician, who instead participates in the very creation of music and expresses with it what he wants to communicate to the world. Music is one of the deepest and most important art forms that best represents us. How many times have you listened to a song and recognized each other? This is precisely the power of music, getting straight to the point and arousing emotions that are hidden somewhere within us, that’s why music is part of us.

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Marta Serina




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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