Dennis Rizzi, is one of the guys who participated in the twentieth episode of Friends, he is a singer-songwriter from Turin, he is 19 years old, he has not won 21 friends, but he has signed a recording contract with warner music Italia. His stage name is DEDDY, at school he met a very important girl, Rosa. He also participated in this edition, the real question now is: are they still together? Or did they break up? Well, now we’re going to ask him directly.

me: Good morning, thank you for accepting our invitation, now I’ll ask you some questions.

Ded: Good morning, thanks to you.

me: When you started your journey with friends, how did you feel with your teammates?

Ded: When I started my journey I was a little worried at the beginning, then when I made some friends with them I found myself more relaxed and happy, for me they were very important travel companions, they helped me in every situation and they were always there, plus I must say that they give excellent advice.

me: Sure, it will have been a unique and above all unforgettable experience, I’m sure.

Let’s go with the second question: tell me, how is it going with Rosa, do you think that even outside school your relationship will always remain the same? Or will it change for the worse or for the better?

Deddy: Good question Well I think it will always be the same, but I have to say that in this period our relationship has changed a lot, and I honestly didn’t think it would happen, we’ll see how it goes, the love between us is very strong, I hope it lasts, I care a lot about her, so I can’t imagine a life without her.

me: I also hope your relationship lasts a long time, anyway (I’m a fan of yours). let’s move on to the penultimate question: in the final you, Aka7even and Alessandro performed very little, that’s why your fans got very angry because they didn’t just find the editorial behavior, what do you think?

Ded: I honestly didn’t pay attention to this thing, but I can say that neither I, a little bit, was hurt, but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I enjoyed it and that I enjoyed those few minutes on that stage.

me: I agree with you, the important thing is that you liked it. Well, I’d say go to the last question: how did you feel when they told you that you would go to the final?

Ded: it was a unique emotion, I didn’t really expect it. Even though I didn’t win, getting to the final was the most important milestone of my life for me.

me: thank you for participating in this interview, goodbye.

Ded: thank you, goodbye.

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