Alice in Wonderland - Alice Ciolino


Alice in Wonderland for the first time - Rabbit

Alice Ciolino: Hello ! My name is Alice and my surname is Ciolino. Who are you?

Alice in Wonderland : I’m Alice,  the main character of the famous book “ Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll! Nice to meet you!

Alice Ciolino: Really? That’s great ! Nice to meet you!  What are you doing?

Alice in Wonderland: I’m reading  a book about a funny cat with big  green eyes but I’m very sleepy.  Where are you going?

Alice Ciolino: I’m going to school. I’m a student of “ Eugenio Pertini” middle school, in Trapani.  What about you?

Alice in Wonderland:   I’m a student,too. I love reading but I hate studying. What are your favourite subjects?

Alice Ciolino: They are Maths, Italian and English.  Alice, what are your hobbies?

Alice in Wonderland: I love reading fantasy books !  Look over there! There is a rabbit ! 

Do you love animals?

Alice Ciolino: Yes, I do. I love turtles and rabbits. What’s your favourite animal?

Alice in Wonderland: It’s the rabbit. Now ,it’s late ! it’s time to go ! I must follow the white rabbit! 

Bye Bye Alice! Have a good time!

Alice Ciolino: Byeeeee Alice ! That’s amazing ! I have just met Alice in Wonderland!

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Alice Ciolino


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