Marilyn Monroe, an icon of style and fragility

Who is Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe is synonymous with fragile and sensual beauty, a style icon that is very clear today. She is probably the woman who has most strongly marked the history of fashion, style and seduction. His iconography is very clear in everyone’s imagination. Her beauty spot, her red lips, the soft curls that framed her porcelain face, her buttery shapes and seductive clothes, her smile, her youth. Although all this time has passed, his style is definitely timeless.

Icon of the 1950s, curvy model par excellence, a mischievous and fragile face at the same time, the diva with a blond bob is certainly one of those style icons that are hard to forget. Thinking of Marilyn leads to imagine a very tall, statuesque, curvy woman. In reality, his height was not so in line with the collective imagination, 167 cm, and his weight is said to oscillate between 53 and 60 kg. His physique has however enchanted the world, becoming a sex symbol par excellence.

The curvy style

If I had respected all the rules, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

The words spoken by the great Marilyn mean that the taboos of absolute perfection are broken, introducing the concept of body diversity into society, imposing on the scene the curvy models who have given a new face to fashion. The tendency to consider a woman as beautiful only if she is thin, and by “thin” we mean certainly less than size 40, has emerged starting from the high fashion catwalks. The models themselves have become a point of reference especially for young people, who were inspired by them to reach levels of thinness that unfortunately we know that often lead to real diseases such as anorexia. In fact, the phenomenon of eating disorders is not only linked to the distorted perception of one’s body, but also to a psychological aspect that often finds no other way to express itself than that of thinness taken to its extreme consequences. This phenomenon has decreased as fashion has tried to get closer to curvy bodies through the creation of a new line open to all sizes, because a woman must always express elegance, sensuality, life and sunshine regardless of her body.

Stand up, gentlemen, in front of a woman!

We decided to close this article with another famous aphorism from Monroe:

If you are famous, people believe they have the right to tell you anything in your face, as if this could not hurt you ..”.

In fact, despite the great progress that fashion has made regarding what has been said above, there are certainly no shortage of judgments and both curvy and skinny models are always subject to constant criticism that negatively affects their psychological health. We want to remember that every body is perfect in its diversity as femininity does not lie in the size worn.

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