Mandela effect⁉️

Do you know the little man of Monopoly?  You all remember him with his monocle and his cylinder, do you want to know the truth? He never had a monocle.

This is called Mandela effect.

The Mandela effect occurs when a large group of people believe that an event has occurred while it did not.

The Mandela effect got its name when Fiona Broome, a self-identified “paranormal counselor”, detailed how she remembered former South African president Nelson Mandela who died in prison in the 1980s (false! Mandela lived until 2013 ). Broome could describe by recalling the details of his death, even a speech by his widow about his death. Broom found that other people also remembered this event.

Consequently, when we talk about the “Mandela Effect” we are talking about “collective false memories”. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Mandela effect is an example of alternative universes present in society. Some researchers believe that people, even a large group of people, use confabulation to “remember” what they believe is the most likely sequence of events. False memories can also derive from a distortion in transmitting the message, or to suggest something that has never existed in reality (fake news).

Here some examples of Mandela effects:

King Henry VIII’s … Turkey Leg?

For some reason, people distinctly remember this portrait showing the king of England wielding a turkey leg. To be clear, he was not.

The Hyphen in Kit Kat

If you’ve just had an existential crisis about the fact that there’s no hyphen in between “Kit” and “Kat,” know that you’re not alone.

I hope you enjoyed it <3

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