Mahmood and Blanco: Brividi the new song loved by teenagers

Who expected to find the young Mahmood and Blanco, two very famous singers loved by us guys at the Sanremo Festival. We all know Mahood a little bit for his victory at the Sanremo Festival in 2019 with “Soldi”, while Blanco in 2021 made us fall in love with his music and his lyrics. The two singers have teamed up to participate together in the Festival, with a fantastic song “Brividi” and believe us it makes them really come. It entered the minds of us guys right from the first listen.

 The two singers talked about their collaboration and participation in Sanremo 2022 in a video uploaded on RaiPlay:

“We are here to have fun. The title of our song is Brividi. The title was born because we met almost by chance but it went away. We started with the chorus and then we finished it three months later, after the summer holidays. In this Sanremo we really intend to have a lot of fun, the mood is to go on stage with him, we have recently met artistically “

The couple is doing just fine, also because the two singers don’t have very different musical styles. The meaning of the song “Brividi” is very strong and incisive, it speaks of the desire to communicate, to express oneself but at the same time on the fear of loving and making mistakes, making mistakes. Often it is more comfortable to escape, to abandon everything in order not to be too involved. There is the prayer not to run away, not to be left and abandoned with shivers, between moments of love and passion, before a sudden abandonment. If the desire is to stay together, not to waste this opportunity, they seem to overcome difficulties in a relationship that lives between passion and escape from responsibilities and from those who get too close to our innermost soul.

During the 5 evenings of the Festival Mahmood and Blanco always arrived on the podium … up to Win the Festival! They will be the ones who will represent Italy at Eurovision with their fantastic song “Brividi”. Who knows if we win again this year …

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