Loving at 12

It’s common to hear about love between two adults, but talking about love between youngsters aged 12 or 13 makes some people smile. I’m twelve and maybe I don’t know what love is but probably even an adult doesn’t know the real meaning of love.

What happens when a boy or a girl falls in love? At this age boys tend to have a simple flirt. On the contrary girls, even the shy ones, like to be involved. Girls usually try to hide their feelings that, once discovered, become something to talk about among friends and schoolmates. Girls are made in this way…. we like dreaming, living our mental movies; we look for love and we hope to be loved.

Falling in love means experiencing different emotions, mood swings and we don’t know how manage them.

I’m twelve and probably I don’t know what love is but I know very well what’s the meaning of being embarrassed , in front of the person you like, feeling your heart beating hard, pretending to be strong and suffering for an unrequited love.

Love has no age. You can love when you are a baby, a teen, an adult or when you are 90.

Everybody lives love in a different way and we should be free to get butterflies in the stomach and have our head in the clouds.

Love is such a strong feeling that it can’t be explained and it’s so beautiful and important that it deserves to be lived.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


II B – Furci Siculo