We live in a time when the cult of the body is on the agenda and any discrepancy between our physical appearance and beauty canons, often idealised, can bring frustration and dissatisfaction with what Mother Nature has given us. Going out on the street without makeup has consolidated as a demonstration of “courage” almost unthinkable, but even the most expensive cosmetics do not always allow you to reach the desired image. And that is when the tenacious researcher of perfection can decide to rely on plastic surgery. A decision that is not necessarily inappropriate or dangerous when you choose a good professional and follow his recommendations. Yet, even when these aspects are taken into account, there is a danger of not remaining totally satisfied with the expected result or of discovering that the much sought-after change has not generated all the expected benefits , it is possible that after one or two aesthetic interventions an individual does not yet perceive a significant change in his life: love is not yet found, friendships continue to be the same and doubts about his physical attraction persist. It therefore seems that having eliminated the defect in question is not enough and the focus focuses on another defect, and on another, and on another until you risk entering a vicious circle where you often lose control, lucidity and the account of the adjustments suffered. This phenomenon has strong psychological connotations: it goes from a lack of self-confidence, serious difficulties in social relations or problems related to the private sphere, up to in some cases to mental diseases such as dysmorphophobia. It is also common for people to undergo cosmetic surgery, looking for a new beginning, perhaps following a psychological trauma or a stressful event or due to an excessive need for control and perfectionism. It is important to underline that compared to the psychological needs just described, nothing has to do with reconstructive cosmetic surgery, that is, on people with malformations or who have suffered major physical damage.

Personally, I think that cosmetic surgery should only be used to correct deformities or problems that affect health in some way. Accepting yourself means loving yourself as you are and transforming your weaknesses into strengths. Only by loving yourself you can be loved by others.

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