TITLE: Il ragazzo dei mondi infiniti

AUTHORS: Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

PUBLISHER: Mondadori

YEAR OF PUBLICATION: published in 2007 (original edition), in 2011 (Italian edition)

LITERARY GENRE: fantasy novel

Joey Harker (main character) is a self-conscious young student, who discovers that he is a Walker able to travel to different worlds, but at the same time to get lost in his home. With the passage of time he will master his talent and will have to help all the Joeys of other dimensions to save themselves, before someone manages to break the balance between the worlds, with disastrous consequences… The events take place in various dimensions, even the time in which the facts take place varies according to size.
The story begins with Joey getting lost in his home. One day the professor of civic education assigned him a task, and because of this he ends up getting lost in the streets of the city. Suddenly he comes across a dense fog bank that is actually an interdimensional passage that takes him to a parallel dimension.
The novel ends with Joey rescuing his fellow adventurers who were stranded on a ship. Back at the base, he and his companions are allowed to participate in new missions.

The most obvious purpose of this novel is that we must never face difficulties alone but rather together because friendship is a fundamental value that helps us to grow.
The language used is clear and descriptive
Joey Harker is an awkward, sensitive and courageous teenager, who attends high school in the town of Greenville, very close to his family but also to the sense of duty.
A particularly interesting and very intense episode is where Joey the night before leaving, greets his family and not being able to really say the reason for such departure, says to join the army. This news shocks the mother and father but seeing them worried, to reassure them says he would have reconsidered, but it was not so…. As soon as everyone fell asleep, he went down and found his mother waiting for him, because she understood his real intensions. He told the mother the truth as she had asked and after moments of silence the mother said that he believed everything, and that she knew that he had not gone mad. But what tormented her was that she would never come back, but despite everything, she supported him, saying that it was the right thing and that wherever he went and whatever she did she would love him, so they embraced and cried. Before going the mother gave him a necklace with a stone and told him that he would wait for him….
The themes addressed in the book are altruism, brotherhood, generosity and courage when Joey decides to leave his family to go and save the other Joeys of other dimensions who had been kidnapped.

I recommend this novel not only to teenagers but also adults who have remained “dreamers” because it is full of adventure and is exciting and pleasant, also thanks to the final not self-contained, we can fantasize and imagine on the conclusion of the novel.

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