London: great city for the arts

The UK is famous for Arts. It has its own artistic traditions of music, dance, theatre, literature, film and visual arts.

Let’s see what London offers to art lovers.

London is a great city to see shows, exhibitions or concerts. Thousands of theatre and music performances, film screenings, art and cultural exhibitions and festivals happen in London every year.

London’s West End is a vibrant cultural hub that is home to a world-class theater district. The West End, also known as Theatreland, covers a large area of central London and is home to over 40 historic and modern theaters where the world’s best shows, plays and sparkling musicals are performed.

There are lots of amazing galleries and museums in London. Visual arts galleries, like the National Gallery or Tate Modern are full of works by British and international artists.

A great place to see street artists is Covent Garden. Here you can enjoy dancers, singers, musicians and acrobats performances. You don’t need a ticket: just stop and watch.

If you like films and you are a Harry Potter’s fan, you can visit the Leavesden film studios, where Warner Bros. made the Harry Potter’s films.

Great singers like Madonna and Adele perform at Wimbley Stadium that is not just the place where international football matches are played, but is also a fantastic concert venue.

London is a world city for culture and Arts.

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