ETNA is the most important active volcano in Europe. It is situated on the east coast of Sicily between the cities of Catania and Messina. It is 3,350 mt high. Its rocks are aged 350,000-500,000 years and it lies above the plate margin between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

In these days it has erupted seven times and it is so surprising .“A muntagna”, as it is called by the natives inhabitants of the small villages around it, displays a sparkling performance of  bombs, ashes and lapilli.

Nature is giving to the world a wonderful and spectacular show.

Fortunately Etna’s lava flows only towards the crown of the volcano so life in the near villages goes on regularly but with a rain of tiny particles of black lava stones on cars, roads, balconies and terraces of the houses.

All around is covered by a subtle stratum of volcanic ash. Nobody is worried about Etna because inhabitants recognise the benefits that ashes can bring to land.

In effect all the typical products of Etna like grapes, apples and much more like pistachios in Bronte are excellent food products known all over Europe and the world.

Living with a volcano is positive for all the people who live here, they regard it as a combination  mother-deity who looks after their children from the sky.

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