Living inside dungeons…

Hello everyone, my name is Sofia Torrisi, I am 13 years old and I am in the eighth grade. Today I will tell you what I think about the war that is going on in Ukraine.

Thirty-five days have already passed since the start of a conflict, which had to be avoided …

In my opinion it is not right to oppress a state that wants to be independent. Putin is insisting on waging a war that is only wanted by him, because not all Russians are in favor of this. Petrol costs but let’s think for a moment about all those people who died without having done anything; hospitals, schools and homes all bombed. There is nothing left of it, except the souls of those poor people who have lost their lives.

Finally, I conclude this article by saying that if someone can do something for these people who are suffering, welcome them if you have the possibility and try to donate everything you have, because it is not normal to live inside the dungeons.

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Sofia Torrisi


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