Today we want to talk to you about one of our passions: reading.

Since when we were little girls we used to read a lot of books, but if you ask us which one is our all time favorite we will respond with no hesitation “Little women” by Louisa May Alcott.

The story

There are four sisters: Margaret (Meg), Josephine (Jo), Elizabeth (Beth)  and Amy; their mother is an altruistic woman who is teaching her daughters the moral value of courage and how to face the difficulties of life while their father is far from home because he’s in the army.

They all have different personalities.

Meg is the oldest and the most responsible of the March sisters and, when their mom is not at home, she takes care of her sisters and she gives them useful advice.

Jo is the most rebel and creative; she likes to read and her dream is to become a writer. In the book she is presented as a real tomboy, so much that her father jokingly refers to her as “my son Jo”. She is the real protagonist of the novel as well as the alter ego of the writer Louisa May Alcott, in fact this book is inspired by the childhood of the writer, which is really similar to what she describes in her novel.

Elizabeth is maybe the most loved of the March house because she’s the most shy and she is the kindest and sweetest girl ever. She takes care of little animals and she’s not interested in formal public events.

Amy is the little girl of the house who dreams of becoming an artist, her greatest passion is in fact painting. Her most important trait in the novel is her vanity and her dreaming about fancy events and dresses that her family can’t afford.

Louisa May Alcott wrote this novel 154 years ago but she’s incredibly modern in her way to describe the importance of women in a society that was still completely dominated by men. A woman is not only made for being a good wife or a good mother, a woman can be this and a lot more.

Louisa May Alcott believed in her dream to become a writer and in fact we’re here today talking about her as an inspiration and a model to follow to make our dreams come true.

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