Hello everyone ! I’m here with former One Direction member Harry Styles and he’s telling me a little bit about his life.

Harry Styles: Hi everyone! It is a pleasure to do this interview! Tell me?

Sara: So… how are you?

Harry Styles: Well come on, unfortunately with this pandemic I can’t see my family, my fans, do gigs with all of you.

Sara: And .. I know … Shall we continue with the interview?

Harry Styles: Yes !!

Sara: Why did you split up with the boy band?, We all wonder …

Harry Styles: And … good question! Unfortunately there were complications with the group.

Zayn Malik left the group due to health problems in 2016, instead with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, with them we decided to take a path as soloists.

Sara: What are you doing right now?

Harry Styles: I’m starting to write another song.

Sara: Let’s not say anything! .

Harry Styles: Nooooo !!! .

I want it to be a surprise for everyone.

Sara: Okay, but would you like to sing your own song that you want?

Harry Styles: Come on !! I’ll sing Golden.

So goodbye and we’ll meet again in the next interview, and now Harry Styles with Golden .



Sara Di Gregorio


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